The St. Croix Animal Welfare Center has been responding to the animal care needs of our community since 1975.  Our services vary depending on funding.  Recently the VI Department of Agriculture has failed to contract with us for those services and therefore our ability to respond is more limited.  We currently provide the following aide to animals in need.

Rescue and Respond

Our Warden is on call 5 days a week to respond to reports of stray animals that are injured, in distress or present a risk to the community.  When needed we work with the VIPD Animal Cruelty Officer to assure safety and authority.  To report an animal in need:

  • Emergency Aide:  Dial 911
  • General Help: AWC: Tue-Sat 8:30am-4:30pm – call 340-778-1650
  • After hours: call VIPD at 911
  • Report abuse and neglect ANONYMOUSLY to Crimestoppers at 1-800-222=TIPS or

Compassion Calls

Owned animals, or stray animals that are not in immediate need, are handled through scheduled compassion calls.  Our trained staff will take information regarding nuisance animals or unwanted/neglected pets in the community and work with the reporter to ensure theanimals get the care needed.  A compassion call donation of $20.00 is suggested to help with the expenses associated with these calls.  Your support allows us continue to respond to our communities needs and care for more animals.

Open Acceptance

We never turn away an animal in need.  Although we cannot always respond, we always accept any animal that is brought to the shelter.  Our community of compassionate animal lovers often pick up animals found running loose. We offer traps to individuals who can help catch wiley strays and bring them to us.  Owners that have pets they no longer want or that are in need of care are asked to bring their pets to us.  There is no fee.  We accept all animals regardless of the cause of surrender.  Working together we can help more animal that need help and respond to our community’s needs.