Our mission is the provision and promotion of humane treatment of animals in our community.  To accomplish this mission we must be present within the community and offer services that resolve animal care issues and provide solutions to animal care island style.  Our Community Services include:

Low Cost/No Cost Spay/Neuter Surgeries.

Spaying or Neutering a pet is not yet a culturally embraced concept in our community.  There is still significant push back from owners wanting to leave their pets intact, have ‘just one litter’, or who choose to breed indescriminantly for profit.  However, our educational efforts are having an affect and we must assure that cost is not one of the factors that inhibits spay/neuter practices.   We provide spay/neuter surgeries four days a week, often for free or at a highly reduced cost, and we passionately encourage the practice.  Every animal we adopt out is spayed/neutered.  We work to teach our community the health benefits of spay and neuter for their pet and to educate them on the real problem of pet overpopulation on our island.   We are making great strides and a real difference!

Affordable Pet Medical Care

The most common reason for pet abandonment is a decline in pet health and the sad reality is than many of the health problems are easily treatable or prevented if caught early.   The St. Croix Animal Welfare is focusing on preventing animals from coming in to the shelter unwanted by providing subsidized preventative care and medical treatment.  If owners can afford to take care of their animals and keep them happy and healthy in their homes, fewer animals will be surrendered or abandoned.

Neighborhood CARE


What is humane pet care in our community?  What are the basic rights of an animal?  Daily food, shelter from the sun and rain, freedom from pain and distress, the ability to live without fear . . .  My definition of proper pet care may differ greatly from that of my neighbor but there are basic needs that we can all agree on.  The St. Croix Animal Welfare center serves our community by reaching out into the neighborhoods that need us most and helping individuals to get the care for their animals that they need in order to provide them with a humane environment.  Whether it is a dog house for shelter, a new properly sized collar, health care assessment or free coupons for treatment, we work to serve our community for the long-term benefit of all animals.