Affordable Spay and Neuter

The Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Program was created to combat the pet overpopulation crisis in St. Croix.

Increasing spay/neuter procedures is the most effective way to put an end to the pet overpopulation crisis in St. Croix and to encourage each member of the community to take responsibility for their pets.

Affordable spay/neuter procedures are making an impact on St. Croix. We encourage pet owners to take advantage of our affordable low-cost spay/neuter voucher program.  With continued effort, outreach and education, St. Croix AWC is committed to solving the pet overpopulation problem in our island community.

Spay/Neuter Pet Benefits

  • Keeps male dogs from roaming, providing better protection for your family
  • Ends expense and stress of unwanted litters
  • Prevents male cats from spraying
  • Prevents some forms of pet cancers
  • Stop females from going into heat
  • Spay or neuter as young as three months old.
  • Pets live a longer, healthier life

Get your pet spayed/neutered today

Call (340) 778-1651 or stop by to make appointment to have your animal spayed or neutered
Fees for Dogs: $50 for females and $40 for males *
Fees for Cats: $35 for females and $25 for males *