Wellness on Wheels

Provide us with the wheels we need to get Project SAFE on the road and reaching animals in need.  Purchase a “new to us” van which will be converted to a non-surgical, mobile veterinary unit for Project SAFE, our newest community outreach program. When you make this pledge, you will help to provide medical care for owned animals in our community that are in need of help and unable to come to us.

One Vehicle—$15,000.

DAWAT Pledge Van

$ 15,000.00
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Donation Total: $15,000.00

Feed Fido and Felix

Fill the bellies of the dogs, cats, puppies and kittens in our care. Everyday we open our doors to dozens of hungry mouths. Your pledge of food– for a day, a week, or a month– provides the homeless pets in our care with the  nourishment they need to survive and heal.

  • One Month—$1000.
  • One Week—$230.
  • One  Day—$35.

DAWAT Pledge Food

$ 1,000.00
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Donation Total: $1,000.00


Fight pet overpopulation on St. Croix by helping us with approximately 2,800 spay and neuter surgeries this year.  We spay every day!  Owned Pets, Community Pets, Stray Pets and our own Shelter Pets.   Help us win the battle against pet overpopulation by making a pledge in support of our free and low-cost spay/neuter programs.

  • One Month (225 surgeries!) – $9,000.
  • One Week (55 surgeries!) – $2,200.
  • One  Spay/Neuter Surgery—$40.

DAWAT Pledge Spay

$ 9,000.00
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Donation Total: $9,000.00

wRoof! wRoof! wRoof!

Help keep a roof over our heads while we work to rebuild our owned facility at Clifton Hill that was badly damaged in Hurricane Maria.  Pledge to cover rent at our two temporary locations—The Shelter/Clinic at Five Corners & our Adoption Center, The Pet Place in La Grande Princesse.

  • Roof for a Month—$3600.
  • Roof for a Week—$900.
  • Roof for a Day—$120.

DAWAT Pledge wRoof

$ 3,600.00
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Donation Total: $3,600.00

Rescue Wings to Fly!

Transport shelter pets to a partner rescue stateside through our Paws from Paradise Program!  There are simply not enough local adoptive homes for all of our adorable, adoptable pets.  Your pledge to this program will help us save even more lives!

  • One Miami Cargo Transport (30+ animals) —$3500.
  • One San Juan Cargo Leg (first step)—$1000.
  • One Commerical Flight Escort Service —$150.

DAWAT Pledge Fly

$ 3,500.00
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Donation Total: $3,500.00

Odds & Ends

& Essentials

Our current needs include:

  • An industrial commercial gas dryer and washer to assure wash is properly clean and sanitized with install:
  • Airfare and registration $$ donations for our staff to be able to attend events pertinent to the industry
    $2000 pp
  • Construction repairs to our rented facilities
  • Donations of every amount matter and make a difference.  No donation too small.
    Please give.

DAWAT Pledge Any


Give any amount you choose! Just enter your dollar amount.

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Donation Total: $1.00